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Netflix partners with Samsung on exclusive Galaxy S20 series features

Netflix partners with Samsung on exclusive Galaxy S20 series features
Netflix just took the stage to announce a long-term partnership with Samsung, beginning with the Galaxy S20 series. Besides beautiful AMOLED displays with 120Hz refresh rates, and 5G connectivity tailored for the Netflix high-def HDR streaming, there will be other accouterments that will enhance the lives of the Netflix fan with an S20 model.

These include Samsung's virtual assistant that will be able to search and run shows for you. In addition, famous directors will be given the Galaxy S20 series pro cameras by Samsung, so that Netflix can add the bonus content they captured around famous Netflix Originals like Narcos, for instance. 

"Users can also discover Netflix’s best-in-class content through an improved integration with Galaxy devices, enabling ease of content discovery and accessibility via Samsung Daily, Bixby, and Finder," says Samsung, and we can't wait to try the new Samsung/Netflix entertainment duopoly.



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