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Apple hires Former Warner Music SVP Jeff Bronikowski for Apple Music

Apple hires Former Warner Music SVP Jeff Bronikowski for Apple Music
Jeff Bronikowski, who has previously worked as Warner Music Senior Vice President, has announced on LinkedIn this Monday that he has started a new job at Apple, as its Global Head of Strategic Music Initiatives. In his post on LinkedIn, brought to our attention by AppleInsider, he is expressing his excitement to join the Apple Music team.

Reuters state that even though they have requested additional information, neither Apple, nor Bronikwoski, have responded yet.

But who is Jeff Bronikowski? His LinkedIn page expresses his strong record of leadership and execution across traditional media companies. He states he is good at identifying opportunities for development in order to drive the business forward. But maybe it’s not only his personal qualities that have most likely influenced Apple’s decision to hire him.

Bronikowski graduated from Georgetown University and holds an MBA from NYU’s School of Business.

His career path includes important roles at a number of major music and entertainment companies, such as his most recent position at Warner Music Group, which he held for three years. He has worked as Senior Vice President at Universal Music Group for 11 years and also worked at Yahoo, AOL, as well as at Spotify’s Echo Nest, filling the role of head of strategy and corporate development.

Apple Music is currently behind on subscribers compared to Spotify (Spotify’s subscriber count is doubling Apple Music’s). However, time will tell if Bronikowski’s business flair could boost Apple Music’s competitiveness.



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